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A Scary Tale 一仁33 謝依衡 m. m.

One day, everyone fell asleep. In the dark and messy corner, there is something waiting for its meal. It’s eager to have some blood……

Like every teenager, I’m a common student, so I locked my room’s door, and put on the earphones. Now,everything is ready. I took out my comic book and started to enjoy the great time. But just then, I was disturbed by some stupid noise. “Oh! What a stupid mosquito!”When I just said it, a finger fell on the mosquito with very strong power--then it was dead. That’s why people called me “The God's Hand of Killing Mosquito”.

Very creative. I like the opening most. You do know how to create a sense of suspense.


Father and Son 一仁14 胡獻文 Big David

My father always enter my private room and open my drawer since I was two years ago. I think he doesn’t respect me at all. So I find some time to talk with him. But his explanation is that my desk was too messy. He wanted to tidy it up for me. But I want to have a private place of my own, so I make a deal with my father –I don’t want him to always touch my things and I promise I will clean up my bedroom by myself and he will not enter my bedroom without being allowed.

A very clever design. You combine the two problems in the textbook, which allows you to put in many new words.

My Life in Junior High 一仁3 何柏謙 River

When I was in a private junior high school, the life there was filled with pressure. For example,we had to be good in our schoolwork. In our class, it was very common that the drawers were full of books. After lunch, the school allowed us to take a thirty-minute break. At the time, nobody was awake. Everyone was very tired, and teachers always said, “Be a hard-working student, and you’ll go to a good senior high school. At last, you’ll go to a good college.” After the BC Test, everyone went to a good senior high school. Three years later, I hope that my classmates can go to a good college!

Yes, this is what I called a “true, personal, touching” story. To be able to express your life experiences with the newly learned words is one major purpose of this assignment. Good job!

My New Class 一仁24 馮信維 Ice Horse

1) After I entered senior high school, I think the schoolwork is more interesting than junior high school. Especially English is the funnest, like LIVE magazines and sentence-making. I also respect English teacher. Although he doesn’t speak English well, he tries his best to explain every word in class. I think it’s an excellent example to show yourself. I will be able to enter a good college by following teacher’s lead.

2) When I got into our classroom for the first time, I thought wow that’s terrible. It’s untidy and messy. But our teacher gives us some advice on how to clean up the classroom. After one day, the classroom isn’t as untidy as a garbage heap.

Well, you can certainly make a good diplomat in the future. I am pleased. ^_^ , and I believe your homeroom teacher is, too.

Schoolwork Isn't Everything 一仁29 蔡坤易 Mr. Queen

1) Parents in Taiwan usually place a lot of pressure on their children’s academic performance. They think that as students, all we need to do is study hard and get into a good college. However, I think that we also need some free time to cultivate our hobbies. They do it for our own good, making it hard to explain to them how we feel. I hope that one day they can understand that, in life, fun is as important as hard work.

2) You should take a more enthusiastic attitude toward your schoolwork.

3) Although Chris was very tired, he still tried to stay awake in order to meet the deadline.

The Queen's English is surely good. I bet you write better than many of the senior students in our school. Your writing shows your spirit of independence.

A Secret Meeting一仁17 曹育瑞 Ray

1) The mice are having a private meeting in my messy drawer.

2) Having a lot of schoolwork and pressure is very common in college.

Teacherfrog:When I saw the first sentence, I couldn't help laughing. The image is so interesting!

The Drawer一仁15 唐劭樺 Jesus

A drawer which can be locked can give you more privacy, and you can also keep your desk tidy,not messy.

You put the new words and sentence patterns into one beautiful and meaningful sentence. Well done!


Keroro Kuso~ 一義26 黃聖恩 Bible

I want to write a story .
ThemeKeroro kuso~
StoryKeroro is a Keroness(K隆星人) and he lives in 日向 house .
He, Natsumi, and
冬樹 live together .The thing happened at a certain afternoon .

The following is the dialogue between Keroro and Natsumi .

NatsumiKeroro ! What are you doing?
Don’s disturb me ! I am listening to my earphones .
Wow ! Your room is so messy .Can you clean your room ?
I will do it tomorrow .
NatsumNo! Just do it now , or I will lock you in your room .
NO ! NO !
Hey ! What’s that in the drawer ?
Nothing special .NatsumIt’s an Adult DVD ! Do I allow you to watch this ? Are you eighteen years old ?
Yes , I am . Do I look like a kid ? Because I’m not tall ?
Yes !
Fxxx you !
NatsumOK ! Do it right now . Clean up your room .

The End

Teacherfrog: You are kuso king indeed. I am looking forward to the next episode.##ReadMore##

Dirty Brothers 一義32 簡國倫 Handsome Boy

I hate my brother .
I’m a high school student , so I always have some “private thing” . I put them under my bed , behind my desk, or in my drawer .But , my little brother always found them , and left my room messy . I have tried to lock the door and hide the key. But , I need to share the room with him. (Because there are only 2 rooms in my house . )

I want my little brother to respect me , because I’m his “Big Brother”

Teacherfrog: I guess it's hard to be your brother ..... unless he is as evil as you. Ha ha ha....

大雄日記 一義10 林邑泉 Joe

(1) I have a room . It’s the same as others . But one thing is different. It’s my drawer. It can make you happy. Because when you draw it, you can see a lot of animals. Some of them may jump to your body . You will be more awake.

(2) This summer my mother asked me to clean my messy room. When I cleaned the room , I found a box which was locked , I think it is uncommon. I use all my keys. Finally I opened the box. I was surprised, because I found a lot of papers. They are my examination paper . They all have a word , which is “Zero” .

I think they don’t want to be seen, so I locked the box and hide it .

Teacherfrog: Magic drawer, "Zero" test scores...... You sound like writing a Doraemon story.

High School Life 一義05 吳泰嘉 Terry

When I am under the pressure of schoolwork , I will lock myself in my bedroom , and wear earphones to listen to music , dreaming my college life in the future.

Teacherfrog: This is a perfect sentence to describe the normal high school life.

Respect & Privacy 高一義13號 張有毅 Mushroom

(1) Although the boss called off the private meeting without explanation , we still respected his decision .

(2) Yesterday my sister bought a drawer which can be locked , and then she put her private diary into it to prevent anybody from seeing her privacy .

(3) Students should hand in their schoolwork neatly if they respect their teacher .

Teacherfrog: You must be a very polite and considerate person. You are showing a lot of respect.

2008年9月16日 星期二

B-Daman Zero

I have no idea where the "marble soldier" got his weird name. But I know one thing---the "toy" is definitely NOT for first graders. I spent the whole night, trying to put the tiny pieces together, not to mention its ugly and time-wasting decorative stickers. Is it necessary to make it a torture to the parents? Why don't they sell ready-made marble soldiers?

I know, I know, I am grumpy. If you are pushed and urged every 5 minutes ("Dad, have you finished?" "Hurry up! I am going to bed." "Can you do it or not? Maybe I should find someone else..."), you won't feel better than I.

Finally, the mission impossible was completed. Now, there is only one more little problem ---Marble Soldier No. 2 for my second son............

Is there anyone interested in assembling marble soldiers?

2008年9月15日 星期一




That's exactly what happened to my son today. When I imagine a small figure walking in the hallway of the school, with a huge helmet on his head, I can't help laughing. Son, I owe you one!

2008年9月14日 星期日

A Good Rest

I think I should thank the typhoon.

It's like stepping on the brake of a speeding car which is heading toward the cliff.

Suddenly, I find the time to look up and see where I am.

I am ....... lost!

BE英式英語 VS AE美式英語之不同


*注意: 單字出現 “/ ” 符號,表示皆可使用

中譯 British English American English
餅乾 Biscuit Cookie
糖果 Sweet Candy
Chips French fries
薯片 Crisps Potato chips
Alcohol / drink Liquor
三明治 Sandwich / Sarnie Sandwich
生啤酒 Draught beer Draft beer
玉米 Sweetcorn / Maize Corn
五穀雜糧麵包 Wholemeal Whole-wheat
燕麥粥 Porridge Oatmeal
西葫蘆 (蔬菜的一種) Marrow Squash
小胡瓜 Courgette Zucchini
茄子 Aubergine Eggplant
棉花糖 Candy floss Cotton candy
果醬 Jam Jelly/Jam
果凍 Jelly Jello
番茄醬 Tomato Ketchup / Ketchup Ketchup / Catsup
錫罐 Tin / Can Can
雜貨 食品店 Grocer’s / Grocery (shop) Grocery / Grocery Store
外帶 (食物) Takeaway Takeout
吊帶 Braces Suspenders
背心 Waistcoat Vest
汗衫, 內衣背心 Vest Undershirt
長褲 Trousers Pants
褲襪 絲襪 Tights Pantyhose
毛衣 Jumper/Sweater/pullover Sweater
高領上衣 Polo neck Turtle neck
燕尾服 Dinner jacket Tuxedo
運動鞋 Trainers Sneakers
尿布 Nappy Diaper
餐巾紙 Serviette / Napkin Napkin
*注意: 單字出現 “/ ” 符號,表示皆可使用
中譯 British English American English
公寓 Flat Apartment
一樓 Ground floor First floor
電梯 Lift Elevator
閣樓 Loft / Attic Attic
前廊,通常上方部分有遮蓋 Veranda Porch
房客 Lodger Roomer
衣櫃 Wardrobe Closet
百葉窗 Blind Shade
嬰兒床 Cot Crib
小孩座椅 Buggy Baby Chair
公眾場所的衣帽間 Cloakroom Checkroom / Cloakroom
指公眾場所的盥洗室 Toilet / Loo (俚語) Restroom
浴缸 Bath Bathtub
水龍頭 Tap Faucet
滾筒衛生紙 Loo roll (俚語) / Toilet paper Toilet paper
爐台 Hob Stove
洗衣粉 Washing powder Laundry detergent
腳凳 (椅) Pouf Ottoman
吸塵器 Hoover Vacuum
手電筒 Torch Flashlight
棉被 Duvet Comforter
垃圾 Rubbish Garbage /Trash
放在室外裝垃圾的大鐵桶 Skip Dumpster
斑馬線(行人穿越道) Zebra crossing Crosswalk
人行道 Pavement Sidewalk
停車場 Car park Parking lot
高速公路 Motorway Freeway / Highway
超車 Overtake Pass
路面上使車輛減速的突出塊 Sleeping policeman Speed bump
圓環 Roundabout Traffic circle
馬路旁的休息區=roadside rest area Lay-by Rest stop / Rest area
(交通號誌燈的) 黃燈 Amber (light) Yellow (light)
地下鐵 Underground Subway
鐵路 Railway Railroad
飛機 Aeroplane / Airplane Airplane
單程票 Single ticket One-way ticket
來回票 Return ticket Roundtrip
旅行車 Estate car Station wagon
電車 Tram Street car / Trolley
(大眾交通的) 時刻表 Timetable Schedule / Timetable
轎車 Saloon (car) Sedan (car)
(車)牌照 Number plate / License plate License plate
卡車 Lorry Truck
石油 Petrol Gas / Gasoline
汽車(後)行李箱 Boot Trunk
輪胎 Tyre Tire
*注意: 單字出現 “/ ” 符號,表示皆可使用
中譯 British English American English
日期: 年月日的寫法 Day/month/year Month/day/year
秋天 Autumn Fall
校長(尤指中小學學校) Head/Headmaster Principal
公立學校 State school Public school
中學 Secondary school High school
(學校的) 年級 Form Grade
數學 Maths Math
代課老師 Supply teacher Substitute teacher
Mum Mom
聖誕老人 Father Christmas/Santa Santa Claus
郵差 Postman Mailman/Postman
旅館大門的侍者 Bellboy Bellboy / bell shop
不動產經紀人 Estate agent Realtor
律師 Solicitor/Lawyer Lawyer/attorney
女孩 Girl/Lass/Lassie
男孩 Boy/Lad Boy
男人 Man/Bloke/Guy/Chap Man/Guy
警察 Policeman/Bobby/Copper Policeman/Cop
酒保 Barman Bartender
消防隊 Fire brigade Fire department
收垃圾的人 Dustman Garbage man
藥房 Chemist’s Pharmacy
OK 繃 Plaster Band-Aid
奶嘴 Dummy Pacifier
注射 Jab Shot
理髮廳 Barber’s Barber shop
監獄 Gaol / Jail Jail
手電筒 Torch Flash light
手機 Mobile (phone) Cellular (phone)
透明膠帶- 以該地常用廠牌名通稱之 Sellotape Scotch tape
足球 Football Soccer
電影 Film / Flicks (俚語) Movie
電視 Telly TV
假期,度假 Holiday Vacation
國定放假日 Bank Holiday National Holiday
西洋象棋 Draughts Checkers
郵筒 Letterbox Mailbox
包裹的郵件 Parcel Package/Parcel
郵遞區號 Postcode Zip code
書局 Bookshop Bookstore
電話亭 Phone box Phone booth
大型廣告看板 Hoarding Billboard
清倉大拍賣,雜物拍賣 Jumble sale Rummage sale
棺材 Coffin Coffin / Casket
行李 Luggage Baggage
牽動物的繩子(尤其是指狗) Lead Leash
橡皮擦 Eraser / Rubber Rubber
兩週(的時間) Fortnight Two weeks
通風良好的 Draughty Drafty
句點 Full stop Period
演出中場的休息時間 Interval Intermission
打電話 Ring Call
掛斷電話 Ring off Hang up
和…生氣 Angry with Angry at
突然或順路的拜訪 Drop in / Drop by Drop by
電視節目,觀眾可直接打電話進去表達意見 Phone- in Call- in
戶外(慶祝)的活動=Festival Fete/ Fate Fair
足夠的東西分給大家 Go round Go around
*注意: 單字出現 “/ ” 符號,表示皆可使用
Our (BE) - Or (AE) 中譯 British English American English
顏色 Colour Color
榮譽、閣下 Honour Honor
最喜愛的 Favourite Favorite
味道 Flavour Flavor
CE (BE) - SE (AE) 執照 Licence License
防禦 Defence Defense
SE (BE) – CE (AE) 練習、演練 Practise Practice
強調、著重 Emphasise Emphasize


There is always something new!

  1. 好好經營這裡,別再到處亂跑,到處存資訊,就把這裡當成資訊集散地吧。
  2. 不要太認真寫,就算只有草稿品質也照登,否則很快我就又會積一堆「未完成文章」及「未動筆想法」。寫了再說!
  3. 不要再拘泥於分類,管它是英文還是電腦、宗教還是搞笑,全部丟在這裡就對了。標籤也不要計劃太多,憑直覺寫吧。